Validation and Revalidation are a requirement for LDU equipment under the Combined Practice Inspection.

What exactly is it?  It’s not maintenance, it is not calibration and it is not pressure vessel inspection. These are tests designed to establish the efficacy of the equipment (e.g. does the autoclave sterilise properly).

The equipment we offer this for includes: graphic cycle
  • Autoclaves (benchtop models primarily)
  • Compliant Ultrasonic Baths.*

We can provide this as an independent test, separate from your service provider or it can be included in your maintenance contract with us.

* We are currently offering Ultrasonic bath revalidation only to customers who use us for other services too.

Top Tip

The recording device (printer or data logger) on your item of equipment must be working for us to carry out the validation / revalidation.  If it is not working or the equipment does not have one, we can supply and fit printers or data loggers for you.