Medicert Ltd is pleased to be the first company in Scotland to be awarded a SciCan dealership for Scotland, coinciding with the release of the new G4 range of equipment.

The new range includes the Statim G4, now with inbuilt data logger and new connectivity.

We have provided on-site services and support for SciCan equipment for many years in Scotland, which for most users is both more convenient and safer than a postal return service.  Any advisories the engineer finds can be discussed on site in real time with the equipment in front of you, providing you with confidence in the work being undertaken.  There is also the benefit of having on-site user training and warranty support.









Healthcare practitioners in over 90 countries around the world rely on STATIM.


SciCan tell us that STATIM‘s unmatched speed and patented gentle technology has made STATIM the world’s favourite handpiece autoclave. STATIM sterilises handpieces and instruments in as little as 8 minutes, reducing the number required. STATIM uses only a small, specific amount of water required for each cycle.


The STATIM G4 supports PIN protected user IDs encouraging staff members to pay extra attention to process, creating a safer environment for both staff and patients. This function can be turned off where not required.

With each cycle, information must be stored to protect your office and your patient. The integrated Data Logger stores all cycle information for the lifetime of the unit.


scican statmatic plus white outScican Statmatic dental hand piece lubricator white out









If you value your handpieces then you have probably already considered an automatic flushing and lubricating system.  The benefits of these are that they should reduce oil consumption, should reduce the incidence of excess handpiece oil damaging your autoclaves, should reduce the possibility of oil emulsifying inside the handpiece, reduce manual handling time and with precise targeting of the oil the handpieces are better protected.  Who better to make these than SciCan who value their own beautiful, high end handpieces and who have been specialising in handpiece sterilisation since 1989.

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