We have been selling Newmed autoclaves, primarily the Kronos models for many years.  Robust, reliable, cost effective and complying with all guidelines and standards both here and in Europe these autoclaves have become highly popular.

Customers love the reliability, the competitive price and the low annual maintenance costs. The after sales support from the manufacturer is excellent too if it is ever (rarely) required.

A large internal capacity on the 18 and 22 litre models can sometimes mean reducing the number of autoclaves you use, thereby further reducing your annual maintenance costs.  Smaller models are popular among podiatrists / chiropodists too.

The Kronos autoclaves use steam generation technology, do not recycle the water (better hygiene and reliability), have automatic door closing and give you the choice of a printer or data logger.

Both vacuum and non-vacuum models are available.  Call us for the latest prices on 01324 636 675.

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