• X-ray 3 yearly QA Examinations / Critical Examinations
  • X-ray Annual Testsh

Our Examinations are carried out using the latest digital test equipment.  If that sounds expensive, rest assured this is often less than a DIY postal test pack!

RPA (Radiation Protection Advisor) and MPE (Medical Physics Expert) contracts are available direct from many RPAs. These are not to be confused with on-site Examinations but are instead contracts for Radiation advice and often include RP folders etc. We are not RPAs but if you would like contact details for some, please do not hesitate to call us. Please remember that you must satisfy yourself of the suitability of an RPA before going ahead with a contract and you will need to appoint an MPE too.  Many suitable RPAs are MPEs too.

For more information on RPA’s MPE’s, please call us.

Top Tips:

You can check RPAs against the RPA 2000 list to help ensure that they are suitable for your industry.

If you have had a major repair on your x-ray such as replacement of the head, or, you have relocated the x-ray even by a small amount, you must have another Critical Examination carried at in accordance with the IRR99 regulations.  This tells your RPA if the new head (for example) is functioning correctly and that the control area remains suitable.