Autoclave maintenance and testing are our particular specialisms.  The makes and models we look after include:

autoclave servicing Scotland

  • Eschamnn Little Sister / SES
  • Newmed Kronos
  • SciCan Statim
  • Midmark
Our services include:
  • Maintenance servicing, (you can choose, or, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • Pressure Vessel Inspection, (a statutory Health & Safety requirement)
  • Calibration (always included in Servicing)
  • Revalidation / Validation
  • Repairs (no contract required)
  • Discounts apply for multiple items at the same site.
Our Contracts:

Our contracts are designed for each model to reflect its specific needs and those of your governing body.  For example one autoclave may only need servicing once a year while another may need three or even four service visits a year.  We include pressure vessel inspection as standard and for dental and orthodontic practices we add annual revalidation, unless you ask us not to.

Surge Damage Protection

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the damage to autoclaves caused by electrical surges.  Most people now protect their computer with a surge protection device (SPD) but not as many protect other types of electronic equipment, such as autoclaves, which are just as susceptible to surge damage.

Amendments to the 17th edition wiring relegations relating to surge protection came into force on 2012 including the surge protection of electronic medical devices.

Please consider an appropriate SPD (surge protection device) for your autoclave (and other equipment) to help avoid the costs of repairs and downtime. They are not expensive, perhaps around £40 for a good one.

Most warranties on new autoclaves will be invalidated in the even of surge damage where a protective device is not used.

The potential damage caused by surges includes:


  •  Disruption and data corruption
  • Degradation of components, shortening equipment lifetime
  • Physical damage – including dangerous sparking leading to fire or electric shock hazards
  • Irreparable damage to printed circuit boards

We cannot advise you on your obligations where the wiring regulations are concerned and you must consult with a suitably qualified and competent person or organisation.