Autoclaves should meet your specific needs and be compliant with both UK and EU requirements.

Your chosen model should:

  • have sufficient capacity for your throughput
  • be the correct classification for your load types

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Autoclaves come in three classifications and each is suitable for different load types, as originally defined by the MDA:

  • Type N (commonly known as non-vacuum).  Load types: Solid instruments, unwrapped instruments.  Not suitable for hollow instruments (including handpieces), wrapped instruments (in pouches), porous (fabric) loads.
  • Type S.  Load types: As specified by the manufacturer of the autoclave, but often includes hollow, wrapped, rubber and small porous loads.
  • Type B (commonly known as vacuum autoclaves).  Load types: All.  The maximum weight of the porous load will vary from model to model.

Eschmann – SES2010 Autoclaves

The ever popular SES2000 N Type autoclave by Eschmann.


  • 11 litre, six tray or HFiT10 capacity [when using ‘examination’ trays or HFiT10 cassettes, not included]
  • N Type non-vacuum model with rapid cycles.
  • Includes 1 x standard and 1 x examination tray.
  • Data logger or printer – your choice
  • Overall Dimensions – l/w/h (mm’s) 460 x 460 x 360
  • Chamber Dimensions – d/l – (mm’s) 200 x 350
  • Weight (kgs) 27
  • Electrical – 230v, 13amp
  • Cycle time at 134° – 12 minutes, no drying
  • Drying time 30 minutes
  • 600ml water used per cycle
  • 40% water loss per cycle
  • 2 litre capacity reservoir

Newmed – Kronos AutoclavesKronos B Closed

  • N, S and B types
  • Automatic door closing
  • Clean and waste reservoirs
  • Robust and reliable
  • Complies with all requirements
  • Low annual service costs
  • Competitive purchase prices.
  • A Midmark owned company

SciCan – Statim Autoclaves

  • Fast cycle times from 8 minutesStatim_2000
  • A space saving partner to automatic handpiece lubricators
  • Gentle on handpieces
  • A time efficient solution for dropped instruments
  • S type
  • 2 and 5 litre capacities Statim G4