March 2018

We are delighted to be able to offer the ever popular SES2010 autoclave by Eschmann. See details about this model here.

August 2015

There is a month-long special offer this August on the Midmark Newmed autoclaves.  Place your order for this popular autoclave before the end of August to benefit.

July 2013

The publication of the new Dental Practice Combined Inpsection brings a few new mandatory requirements.  Please check the document carefully prior to your Practice Inspection.  You are likely to be required to have data loggers or printers fitted to all your autoclaves and to have them annually revalidated.  All of this is available through Medicert.  If you are uncertain about some of the requirements relating to X-rays and autoclaves, you are welcome to call us.

April 2013

The Scottish Dental Show for 2013 is almost here.  This year promises to be bigger and better.  Perhaps you have even been nominated for one of the Awards this year!  See you there.

August 2012

This is our article for the August 2012 edition of Dentistry Scotland.  There can be a lot of confusion about what different services are called and this article aims to help prevent you from paying two companies for the same thing.  Hope it helps!

How not to duplicate your services

June 2012

Autoclave and washer/disinfector log book templates can now be downloaded free from the Health Facilities Scotland website.

May 2012

Thank you to all of you who visited our stand.  We are so glad that Scotland finally had a Show of its own and that so many of you attended, 1200 in all.  Let’s hope that the show becomes an annual event.  See you there next year?

April 2012

NHS Scotland have launched the first framework for NHS Scotland approved maintenance and testing service providers for decontamination equipment.  Seven companies are listed from around the UK, each with their own specialisms, three of which are based in Scotland. We are delighted to say that Medicert is one of those three.  The name of the framework is NP174/11.  You are not obliged to use any of the companies but it’s reassuring to know that vetting has already taken place when choosing a service provider.

February 2012

Our article on Autoclave Reliability for Dentistry Scotland:

Autoclave Reliability

October 2011

Our article on Radiation Protection for Dentistry Scotland:

Radiation Protection

August 2011

Our article on Handpiece Maintenance for Dentistry Scotland:

Handpiece Maintenance