Medicert charity work

We believe that every company can help support charities right here at home or abroad by doing something as easy as donating their skill or experience.

Here in Scotland we provide services to the Scottish SPCA veterinary units at a discounted or free rate. We have donated an anaesthetic trolley complete with vaporisers and helped to secure new equipment at cost or less than cost. We cannot calculate how much precious funding we have saved the SSPCA over all these years but we are happy in the knowledge that every pound we save them is a pound extra that can be spent on their patients.

We often get asked if we can look out for old medical / dental / veterinary equipment that is being replaced and might be suitable for donation to both human healthcare charities and animal healthcare charities abroad where these services can be desperately needed.  If you have anything that you would like to donate, please let us know. We can help determine whether the equipment can be brought up to a safe and useful standard or if it is best stripped to help keep other donated equipment going.

If you would like to help your local animal charities (wildlife or pet) it can be as simple as donating your time, pet food, bowls, fleece blankets or towels and even newspapers. Here is just one extraordinary charity working with wildlife; Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue.